Rosie Huntington rare and sizzling photos: The Transformer heroin has really transformed

Rosie Huntington photos

Rosie Huntington is a model cum actress who starred in few Hollywood movies. Rosie is once a brand angel for lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret. Rosie was famous before entering into movies as she had earned enough fame already as a model. Rosie Huntington was born in United Kingdom who starred even in TV shows along with movies. She is quite famous for victoria’s secret fashion show.

Rosie Huntington acted in two of the Hollywood’s block buster movies, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Mad Max fury road. These two movies have increased the popularity of Rosie Huntington to next level. The 29 years old actress was married with Hollywood action hero Jason Statham and is about give birth to a baby child as the couple was married in 2010. Here are few rare and sizzling photos of Transformer’s Carly witwicky, Rosie Huntington.

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