Roomba 960 Vacuum cleaning robot at Rs 64,900: Best deals

robot room cleaner

Puresight Systems have released a new automatic robot which cleans the floors y itself. Roomba 960 Vacuum robot is the latest high tech machine which cleans the floors. This is not just a normal vacuum cleaner and this machine does all by itself. You can control the Roomba 960 with wireless connectivity. You will be given a iRobot Home App with which you can control the robot.

You can control the robot on the areas you want to keep clean and neat. The vacuum robot eliminates dirt and all other dust particles. The new Roomba 960 gets certain features like visual localization, mapping and even adaptive navigation for easy usage. Now forget normal vacuum cleaners and move to this amazing vacuum robot.

The Roomba 960 is priced at Rs 64,900 and is exclusively available in Amazon store. Puresight systems distribute and sells the irobot products of United States. The robot always keeps the room clean with continuous and intelligent visual navigation.

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The irobot products are getting a good craze and popularity in India and the market for robotic products is growing rapidly in India. Irobot will launch more new products for the Indian customers. Roomba 960 Vacuum can detect dirt on the floors.

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