Firefox OS is no more as Mozilla has quit from the OS software

Firefox OS

It’s done! Mozilla Firefox OS has given up and it’s no more. The Mozilla Firefox OS has been vanished forever as it has seen a huge failure. The web browser giant has introduced its own operating system in 2013. Yes, you heard it right! A Mozilla Firefox OS existed and you may not aware of it as it has not got much popularity. After gaining a brand reputation in web browsing, Mozilla stood just after Google Chrome.

Mozilla thought to enter the operating system market in 2013 and launched a new Mozilla Firefox operating system but it has witnessed a huge failure as it lacked the audience and now it is no more. Mozilla has retreated from the operating system market and it will now concentrate only on web browsing in which it is doing well.

In 2013, Mozilla developed an OS with CSS, HTML and Java Script and this OS can also be used in smartphones by using only 130MB of RAM. But this didn’t helped Mozilla as smartphone manufacturers are not interested in this operating system. This is why Mozilla has quit from supporting its own OS. The Mozilla Firefox OS has lacked few features which are supported by other Operating systems.

The Mozilla Firefox OS couldn’t stand in the competition with Android and iOS. The latest operating systems are facing real hard times as the entire market is captured by Android and iOS. There is no chance for other operating systems in the smartphone market. If a new operating system wants to enter the market then it should be special and unique with some outstanding features. Otherwise it cannot beat the existing operating systems.

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Mozilla Firefox OS has given up!

However an Indian based operating system is about to enter the Indian mass market very soon. The Indus OS will make its strong run in India by supporting all the languages in India as the languages are also playing certain roles in the smartphone usage.

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