Ricoh Pentax KP DSLR camera launched at Rs 88,584: Weatherproof

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Ricoh has launched its new Pentax KP DSLR camera in India. Ricoh released Pentax KP cameras in the marker back in January, 2017. After three months of its launch, Ricoh has finally brought Pentax KP to India. The new Ricoh Pentax KP is a strong built camera which can withstand any sort of climate. Yes, Pentax KP is a weatherproof camera.

With the newly designed portable and compact APS-DSLR Pentax KP camera you can experience great photography even at night time. Ricoh Pentax KP camera has got amazing sensors which can shoot up to ISO 819200. Now it is easy to capture images in low-light or even in no-light.

The camera comes with 24megapixels APS-C sensor camera. The 27-point autofocus camera can get you great quality images. The Pentax KP is probably the first camera which has an ability to reduce shaken pictures. The camera works even in temperatures less than -10 degrees and is dust-resistant.

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The Ricoh Pentax KP DSLR camera has got many brilliant features like 7fps burst shooting, 1080p video recorder and 1/24000 sec electronic shutter speed. The DSLR camera also got a 3-inch LCD display screen for viewing the images and for other functions. Pentax KP can analyze the surroundings and makes necessary arrangements for getting a good image.

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