Renault ZOE e-sport with Formula E tech released: Features and specifications

Renault new cars

Renault has released a new car with Formula E technology. The new Renault ZOE e-sport is a complete electric car which runs on current. Tis new ZOE e-sport is a two-seater car and is small and cute. Renault has unveiled this new beauty at Geneva Motor Show as announced earlier. This electric car is one of the main projects of Renault and it is likely to enter the electric car market which is rising in the past months.

The electric cars would rule the future of automobile market and many car manufacturers are concentrating on their own electric cars. This new Renault small sports car can produce 460 horsepower and 4,300rpm. The  can hit 100kmph in just 3.2 sec which makes it the fastest electric car of Renault. The Renault electric car has two motors which are integrated at front end and at rear.

Renault ZOE e-sport

The ZOE e-sport comes with 40kWh battery which delivers high performance and great experience while driving this classic beauty. The Renault Formula E racing car’s water and air cooling systems are also used in the ZOE for the safe and ideal working of the battery. The design of this new electric sports car is pretty cool and has a huge carbon-fibre spoiler and all new air dam at front end.

Renault ZOE e-sport

The Renault zoe e-sport electric car weighs around 1400kg as it used carbon fibre for its exterior body work. It features a massive 20-inch wheelbase with large disc brakes. The Renault ZOE is integrated with powerful aerodynamics for great speed and performance. However the concept which is unveiled in the Geneva Motor show might not look same after final production of units.

Renault ZOE e-sport

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There is no official confirmation on when Renault would release the ZOE e-sport electric car but according to few reports, the electric car of Renault may take a good time in releasing the cars in the automobile market. Along with Renault other car manufacturers like Tesla, BMW and Benz are also coming up with electric cars. Stay tuned to for more updates about Renault ZOE e-sport electric car.

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