Renault Twizy Cargo specifications, price and electric car cum scooter

Renault electric cars

Renault has introduced a Twizy Cargo which is a commercial vehicle and is the costliest cargo vehicle. When are travelling at short distances, you can consider Twizy Cargo and is a perfect replacement for scooter. In many industries there will be less place for travelling on cargo vehicles. Twizy cargo is very small that you can easily use it in industries for travelling around.

Renault Twizy Cargo electric car

Twizy cargo can be used in many resorts and for super-tight turning circles.  Twizy Cargo is an electric super car which runs on electric power which also helps in protecting the environment. There is a good luggage space which can be used through the back door. Riding the Twizy Cargo gives you great joy and fun as this is no ordinary car.

Renault Twizy Cargo electric car

Twizy cargo has got some similar features like a scooter. The cockpit is open which gives an experience of driving a scooter. It is fully automatic that you need to just press a button ‘D’ to get moving. It also has disc brakes on all the four wheels. You need to pull the handbrake lever to stop the twizy from getting rolled. It has got only Drive, Neutral and Reverse buttons.

Renault Twizy Cargo

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The twizy Cargo’s battery can be charged up in just 3 hours. It features a three-pin main plug for charging port. These three hours of charge can give you over 62 miles of driving range. The battery alone is leased over the price of Twizy Cargo which is £8,000. Renault is offering few other models in Twizy cargo with different colors and features.

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