How to remove pimples in a single night or day

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Pimples are the main enemies for us when we are ready for an event or any other occasion. Pimples disturb us a lot by paining and also an eye catcher on our face. No matter how fair and pretty you are, pimples spoils everything. But pimples brings us problems when you are about to have an occasion or a date the very next day. There are over a dozen techniques to get rid of pimples. But they all are time taking process.

In the market there are many artificial creams to reduce pimple and there are also many other procedures to get rid of pimples. But it is impossible to remove pimples in just a single day or night! But here I can make it possible for you. Wait whaatt!! Yes, you can now avoid pimples in a single day or night and it worked for many people. The tips which I was about reveal are suggested by one of the top experts in the world and many of his clients are happy with his outstanding tips.

Use Garlic to reduce pimples

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Whoa! Garlic has over dozen anti-bacterial functions and trust me garlic can help you a lot in avoiding those freaking pimples on your face. Make a garlic paste and apply it on your pimples and leave it for about 5-15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Follow the same again for 2-3 times at certain intervals in a day and see the results for yourself.

Toothpaste can avoid pimples

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We all use toothpaste for brushing our tooth in the early morning but there are other advantages with toothpaste. This might sound weird but toothpaste can help you in reducing pimples easily. This might be crazy but it actually works and trust me on this! Apply toothpaste only on pimples and let it rest for 30 minutes and then clean it off with water. This way you can eliminate the exploitations caused by pimples.

Steam treatment can remove pimples

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Steam treatment can reduce cold instantly but the unknown fact about steam treatment is, it can also remove pimples instantly. Steam makes your skin pores on the face to get opened and removes all the bacteria in the skin. Apply hot steam to your face for few minutes and then wash off your face with luke-warm water. Oil on the face plays a key role for pimples and with steam you can also avoid excess oil from your face.

Ice-therapy to get rid of pimples

Ice-therapy to get rid of pimples

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Ice-therapy will be your best friend in fighting with pimples. Pimples cause you many problems like red spots, burns, pain and exploitations. Ice-therapy will actually help you a lot and this is the best of all procedures. Wrap up an ice cube with an cloth and keep it on pimples for a while. You will be amazed by seeing the results.

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