Reliance Jio extended deadline for prime membership


Good news for all the jio users. Reliance has extended the deadline for getting prime membership. Earclier Reliance Jio announced that Jio users should take prime membership by paying Rs 99 for availing extra benefits. It has kept March 31st as last date for taking prime membership. But now Reliance has extended the last date till April 30th.

According to reports, Relaince Jio has got 10 crores users in just few months. Jio has given free calls, SMS and free 4G data packs as a New Year offer. Now Jio has ended its free services and is now charging the users for data packs. But Jio decided to give best offers only for prime members who take prime membership of Rs 99 only. The non-prime members will not get the offers as prime members and they have to pay more for availaing Jio offers.

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From 10 crores users only 3 crore people have taken prime membership. More 70-80% users have not taken prime membership. Reliance thought that they need some more time for taking prime membership. So Reliance is extending the grace period to April 30. This will give the Jio users more time to become a prime member of Jio.

According to a survey, many Jio users are interested in taking prime membership and are still loyal to Jio even after announcing the charges. By becoming prime member, they can get free calls and SMS up to one year with just Rs 99. The main reason for extending the deadline is Jio will offer tarrifs at low price for prime members and high price for non-prime members.

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So Jio will lose all the non-prime members as they won’t pay high prices and they will leave the service which will affect Jio. So if it converts the users to prime- members, then it can retain majority of the users even after the charges on data packs. However there is no official announcement from Reliance but a leak in their new plans lead to this dilemma. Reliance may soon announce the extended date officially. Stay tuned to for more updates on Reliance Jio prime membership last date.

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