Relation between Modi’s Govt. and a Book released in 2014

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As there is a relation to what questions a teacher makes students to revise before exams and those that appear in the paper. Similarly there is definitely a relation to what a writer says and what goes into the movie.

Wondering what I am saying? Yes, there is 100% relation to the policies adopted by Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi and the book “Getting India Back On Track” written by Bibek Debroy, Ashley J.Tellis amd Reece Trevor, published in the year 2014. And the cherry on the cake is that, this book was unveiled by none other than the then PM candidate Shri Narendra Modi. And the author Bibek Debroy is a member of NITI Aayog and a key policy advisor to the Prime Minister.

Relation between Modi’s Govt. and a Book released in 2014?

This book was a priced possession for any enthusiast who envisages development of our country. One may wonder if I said in 2014, that I knew what the government would do in the coming years. I am not advertising for the book, but trying to draw your attention towards scripted governance that we can surely relate with the pages of the book in which every chapter relates to a specific field and was written by the experts in that field.

For example, the e-NAMs operating in the country are a direct extract from the book which argues for abolishing the mandi fees, Direct Benefit Transfers for Public Distribution System introduced initially in three Union territories Chandigarh, Puducherry and Dadra and Nagar Haveli was also an excerpt from its leaves, Economy first policy, restoring the Prime minister’s authority and close relations with Washington are also advocated in the book, revisiting the manufacture policy, improving ease of doing business and employment generation are also advised in it, strengthening the rule of law by scrapping unwanted and outdated rules from the law books is another gem of it, the chapter on Managing Urbanization is the brain child of the Smart cities program  and the AMRUT scheme. The list goes on if we keep telling you the one-to-one relation between the contents of the book and the day to day policies of our government.

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Many other policies are yet to be made and better get a glimpse of the book before someone surprises you with the prediction from the book.

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