How to reduce Hangover instantly: Natural tips to get rid of hangover

get rid of hangover

People who drink too much alcohol will know the problems of hangover. People feel hangover when they drink alcohol all of a sudden in large amount. Hangover will make you feel lazy, tired and dehydrated. It is very important to get rid of hangover as soon as possible. However hangover stays for just 24 hours but it creates lot of mess and a lot of headache.

Get instant relief from Hangover

  • If you are feeling hangover in the early morning after waking up then have a healthy and hot breakfast. Eat breakfasts which contain high protein levels.
  • To reduce hangover do not drink any alcohol related drinks in the morning. People often mistake that if they drink alcohol again in the morning it will reduce hangover but this is wrong. Doing this will increase hangover. So stay away from alcohol in the early morning.
  • Few people think that if they drink hot coffee or tea would help them to reduce hangover but this doesn’t help. When you are in hangover, you will get dehydrated. Coffee will make you feel more dehydrated, so stay away from tea or coffee.
  • You will get dehydrated for sure when you are in hangover. Drink as much as water possible to stay hydrated and also for avoiding hangover.
  • Orange juice helps you amazingly when you are in hangover. Vitamin ‘C’ will reduce the alcohol content in the body and Orange juice contains vitamin ‘C’ compounds which reduces hangover.

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