Reduce depression and hesitation with curd: Checkout how

get rid of depression

Feeling depressed? Getting hesitation too often? Then get rid of depression and hesitation with curd. Recently researchers have found something interesting with curd and it can help us in reducing depression and even hesitation. People who get tension too often for every single purpose can avoid them by eating curd every day. Curd contains good bacteria called lactobacillus and this help in curing depression and tensions.

The researchers of Virginia University in United States have done a detailed study on this aspect. Curd can keep your stomach cool and helps in improving digestive system. You need abundant lactobacillus bacteria in your stomach which can impact kynurenine in your blood. This results in reducing hyper tensions and depressions in people.

Curd also helps in many other ways including motivation to a person. The scientists have tested this on rats and they have got positive results. They found a change in the rat’s behavior after giving them food with curd. Their fear and other depression problems have been reduced to a great extent.

get relif from stress easily

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Lactobacillus can influence the emotions in a person and improves people’s thinking. The lactobacillus can have a significant effect on digestive system. One of the researcher stated that “we have got positive results when we tested this on rats. In coming days we will also test this on human for more accurate and better results’. However curd also contain good calcium levels.

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