Reduce bad cholesterol with this simple food technics


Due to modern lifer style and food habits everyone are struggling with bad cholesterol. If we can change our lifestyle and food habits then we can easily control the bad cholesterol .doing some easy workout daily in home like running, swimming, skipping, cycling, squats can help us to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Here are the some of the food items which help us to reduce cholesterol.


Apple is the best fruit which can reduce body fat .in apple there is an acid called mallic acid which will help to reduce bad cholesterol produced by liver. So apple a day keep doctor away.



The fiber in beans has the ability to stop the production of bad cholesterol. Lecithin cholesterol in beans helps to reduce the bad cholesterol. In beans we can also find Potassium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, folic acids which are very good for our body growth.



In the oats we can find special fiber called beta glucose which can absorb the bad cholesterol.



Grapes has rich content of potassium .This potassium can reduces toxics substance in the body.



Berries have the very high contents of vitamins which are very healthy for heart and digestive system. And berries can also reduce pectin fat from the body


This are some of the fruits and vegetables which can makeĀ  our body fit and healthy.

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