Reasons for getting breast cancer: Will sodas cause breast cancer

breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the major disease pleading millions of women across the world. Many women are facing problems with breast cancer around the world and every year thousands of women are dying with this disease. The disease is rapidly growing in the recent trends when compared to past generations. The doctors are saying that even the food habits of women will cause breast cancer.

When women are in their teenage they need to control their food habits or else they might end up with breast cancer. Yes, the latest study reveals that food habits play a key role in various health diseases of women. Eating too much sugar foods, drinking sodas and other soft drinks will cause breast cancer for women after teenage. So it’s better if you stop these to stay healthy and avoid breast cancer.

By drinking these sodas you might get relief from thirst and get relaxation but they cause severe damage in future. These sodas contain high sugar levels, preservatives and other chemicals which leads to many health diseases. Drinking sodas will also lead in gaining extra weight and extra weight leads to dozen health problems and breast cancer is one it.


California University researchers have done a study on the factors causing breast cancer in women. They have done survey on many women who are suffering with breast cancer and women who are healthy. Women who has breast cancer stated that they have consumed lot of sodas and colas in their teenage. The women who are healthy reported that they have not consumed sodas in their teenage.

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If women are suffering with ulcers, acidity then chances are more for getting breast cancer in future. So this proves that food habits of women are very important to stay away from breast cancer. Change your food habits and follow healthy diet for being healthy. Mainly avoid colas and sodas which are crucial in causing breast cancer.

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