Reasons behind Jayasudha’s husband Nitin Kapoor suicide


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Another bad day in the film industry, Tollywood famous actress Jayasudha’s husband has committed suicide in Mumbai. Jayasudha married Nitin Kapoor in 1985 and the couple also has two sons. Nitin kapoor is the brother of Bollywood famous actor Jitendra. According to police reports, Nitin Kapoor was fallen from 6th floor of his apartment in Mumbai and he is dead.

However there were many sources saying that it was a suicide and police are still investigating the case. Nitin Kapoor was said to be in depression and he is also getting treatment for that. Nitin Kapoor is living in his sister’s house in Mumbai. Few people stated that Nitin Kapoor was in deep depression for more than a year. However this is not the first time Nitin kapoor has committed suicide. Earlier he tried to make a suicide attempt but this time he seriously made a wrong decision.

Reasons behind Jayasudha’s husband Nitin Kapoor suicide

Nitin Kapoor attempted suicide by jumping off from sixth floor in the apartment which he is staying. Issues regarding financial aspects might be one of the reasons leading him to depression. But still the exact issues were not known and the police are finding more details. After Knowing the death of Nitin kapoor, his wife Jayasudha and sons Shreyan and Nihar have rushed to Mumbai.

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This is really a tragic incident in the film industry and few celebrities have offered their condolences for Jayasudha’s husband Nitin kapoor.

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