Here is the reason why Indians don’t like to pay taxes


India is the second largest country in terms of population. But very few percent of the population pay taxes regularly. But is the tax paid by a common citizen used properly by the government? If the government used the taxes paid by Indian citizens in a proper way then India would be in a much better position. All the government money is being wasted by politicians and is not used in a proper way.

If a budget is sanctioned for a project then only 30-40% of the budget is being used for the project. Rest of the money is being spoiled by politicians. In this way the taxes paid by common man is being wasted. India will never develop if the tax paid by common man is wasted in such a way by government and politicians. The politicians are having lakhs of black money in many foreign banks and all this money is the tax paid by Indian citizens.

These are some of the mind blowing reasons why Indians don’t pay taxes:

Reason #1

People have bought personnel vehicles because government failed to provide proper transportation. Because of this the pollution also increases rapidly day by day.

Reason #2

People hire their own security guards as the government failed to provide proper security to the people. There are more police men for politicians than the people. The politicians are getting better security than the common people who voted for them.

Reason #3

Many people have inverters in their houses as the government failed to provide electricity. People face electricity problems more in summer season. But all the people cannot afford inverters as it costs them more but for the politicians having inverters at their houses is no big deal. They have continuous power supply in their houses.

Reason #4

People visit private hospitals as the government is failed to provide a good medical assistance at public hospitals. The treatment at private hospitals is much better than the treatment in the public hospitals. There are no proper equipment’s and facilities in the government hospitals.

Reason #5

We have installed submersible pumps as the government failed to provide water. There are many areas where there is no proper water facility. People suffer due to lack of drinking water. Still many people in the country don’t have a good drinking water.

Reason #6

People join their kids in private schools as the standards in government schools are not up to the mark. Majority of the people with even minimum income will join their kids in private schools. If the standards in the government schools were good then there is no necessity of private schools.


What a tax payer gets in return?

What does a tax payer gets in return at retirement at the most critical stage in his life? A tax payer who paid taxes all his life will not get anything in return at his retirement. All the taxes paid by him are used by government to provide subsidies and freebies for many welfare schemes among masses to buy “free votes” with the money paid by common people in the form of taxes. Government opens courts which do not give judgments and opens police stations who work for the favor of politicians only. A common man fears by seeing police, who pledged to take care of the people and provide security.

The government doesn’t provide all the necessities like foreign countries provide to their people. This is why India is not developing and it is always a “developing country” which will never develop if the same routine is followed. The taxes which are paid by these tax payers, in that majority amount were consumed by politicians and even government officials.

These are the reasons why majority of the people don’t like to pay taxes and even the people who pay taxes won’t pay heart fully. Paying tax is always a burden for common people and is useless for them as they wouldn’t get profited from their taxes. So what is the point in paying tax when people who pay taxes are not profited.

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