Re-generation of hormones can help women to live longer: Good for heart

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According to a recent survey, women who gets regeneration treatment for hormones lives longer than the women who doesn’t get any treatment for regenerating hormones. If hormones are regenerated then chances of getting heart attack will be reduced and is also good for heart and women who gets treatment for this has a chance living 30% more on her average life time.

Women can also reduce the risk of getting heart attack by 20% and can also stay away from other heart related problems. This survey was done in California State in America and one of the scientist stated that “There is no co-relation with age in getting heart attacks for women. Any age women may get heart attack at certain times. If hormones are regenerated then the average living period of the women can be increased and can avoid getting heart attack”.


When women are in menopause stage, estrogen levels hormones will be halted and will stop generating estrogen hormones. This results in various heart diseases including heart attacks. Getting regeneration treatment for lost hormones is the best way in staying healthy and to live longer. In this treatment the progesterone hormones and the hormones which are related to estrogen related hormones will be developed in women.

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However people who already know that they have heart problems or already got heart attacks before will have no use of this treatment. Women who have problems with lost estrogen hormones can get this treatment before it’s too late. Getting this treatment can also keep excess fat at bay.

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