Ravi Teja’s brother ‘Bharath’ died in road accident


Ravi Teja brother Bharath dies

Another sad news in Tollywood. Star hero Raviteja’s brother bharath died in a road accident. Bharath started her career as a film hero but later he settled as side artist in many films. Bharath acted in many Telugu films as side artist and he always stays active with energetic acting.

Actor Bharath also played negative roles in many Telugu films. Unfortunately, he is no more! On Sunday midnight Bharath’s car was hit to a lorry from rear. A lorry was parked on a high way and Bharath’s car was in high-speed and hit the dcm lorry. the driving person was found out as Raviteja’s brother Bharath.

Ravi Teja brother Bharath died in car accident

Bharath was driving his Skoda car with registration number TS 09 EC 0799. Actor’s Bharat’s car has hit lorry in ver high speed that bharath died at the spot. This is really a terrible news for Raviteja and his family members. Our deepest condolences to actor Bharath.

Ravi Teja brother Bharath died in car accident

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