Ravi Teja reveals why he skipped Bharath’s funeral

Ravi Teja brother Bharath dies

Actor Bharath died in horrific car accident recently in outer ring road. But Ravi Teja skipped his brother Bharath’s funeral and this became quite a controversy. Many people in social media is writing in negative about Ravi Teja for not attending his brother’s funeral. Finally,┬áRavi Teja reveals why he skipped Bharath’s funeral. The actor said “He was my brother and he is very close to me and i didn’t attend his funeral because his face was damaged and i couldn’t see him in that condition”.

“My mother got fainted and my father’s health was not good. He is very close to even my kids and they call even Bharath as father. But i was very upset as many rumors were being spread at this sad occasion. I attended shooting because there were many people at that particular date and getting all people on a particular date is not an easy task and it will leave producer in losses but i didn’t went to shooting in a joy”. The actor said very emotionally.

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