Ravi Shastri warns to other Cricket boards: Says beware of BCCI

ravi shastri

Ravi shastri has opened up on the rivalry of BCCI and ICC. We all know the issue between BCCI and ICC and it is all because of BCCI asking a majority share in ICC revenue. For decades BCCI is in power in the world cricket but now the situations have been changed. As BCCI has faced few problems from the court and the ICC is now willing to give majority share in its revenue.

On this apect Ravi Shastri warned other country cricket boards that not to take advantage on this issue to overcome against BCCI. BCCI is the major board in the cricket world which generated majority of revenue to ICC. So as BCCI is generating more revenue it asked for more share in the ICC revenue but ICC denied it recently. ICC gives funds to all the cricket boards to encourage and improve cricket in their respective countries.

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As ICC is not caring the BCCI proposed agenda few people from other cricket boards stated that this might be the end of BCCI era. Ravi shastri made these comments in his twitter that “BCCI will return back with increased power just like before. But it might take a time and other cricket boards who are trying to take this aspect as an advantage are making a big mistake!”

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