A rare discovery of an insect which lived 100 million years ago: This is not just an “insect”

100 million insect

A very rare discovery was made by scientists; they have found an insect which lived 100 million years ago. This insect is different from other insects and it is bit weird. The insect has a triangular head which was looking like an alien was preserved in amber in Myanmar. The insect was small with no wings which tells us that it aint a fly. It has some unusual features which were not known till now.

“The insect is different from the existing species and the scientists have never seen this kind of insect till now” said by George, a professor at Oregon University in America. The weird thing about this insect is its triangular shaped head and its long neck which looks like human’s neck. This insect is very different from other insects as this one can see by turning its head 180 degrees on any side.

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This Et-Like insect has huge eyes with a fierce look. This insect moves very fast with its long legs and it can also see backwards by turning its head. This new specie is discovered in Myanmar valley mines. This new specie is named by Aethiocarenus burmanicus. This specie is now extinct without any doubt which lived in the Burmese forests 100 million years ago. But the reason for the extinction of this insect is not known yet which were dis-appeared. This insect just looked like an alien but however this is one of the rare discoveries ever made. It is really awesome that it was preserved for 100 million years in amber.

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