Ransomware attacks 100 countries, India on the list too

Database hacking

Cyber-attacks have been increased rapidly in the past few months and even top multi-national companies too couldn’t do anything about it. Earlier wikileaks have leaked crucial information about CIA confidential documents. Few hackers are now attacking certain companies and threatening to leak the info and are demanding ransom.

Even though the technology has been improved and high range security systems were used but still hackers are finding ways to breach the security safeguards. Hackers are attacking companies of small, medium and large scale. Recently a huge cyber-attack was done on over 100 countries and even India is part of it. The countries with advanced technology and more internet users were becoming the victims of hackers.

The attackers are using a advanced tool of United States National Security Agency. According to few reports, a tool was reportedly stolen from US security agency and the hackers are using this tool negatively. A hackers group called “The Shadow Brokers” claimed that they have stolen some tools from NSA and also uploaded them in online.

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The hackers have created a malware and are attacking the attachments of mails containing invoices, job offers, confidential files, media files and other important sources. Whoever is on behind this attack are demanding $300 in terms of Bitcoin to get return of the lost access. You will lose access to your own mails and will be demanded for ransom. Experts are warning security firms to stay more active and should take proper measures to eradicate the cyber-attacks.

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