Range Rover Velar Unveiled, price, specifications and images: Genuine reviews

Range Rover

The newest member of the Range Rover pack is unveiled officially by Range Rover. The latest velar is the fourth SUV from Range Rover and it is not just an SUV! It is much more than a SUV. It comes in between Range Rover Evoque and Sport. This new Range Rover Velar will hit the Indian roads in the year 2018. The new velar SUV from Range Rover will give a tough fight to BMW X%, Jaguar F-pace and the Audi Q7.

The new velar has got a Range Rover look in fact it is much smoother with pretty cool features than the early Sport and Evoque Range Rover models. The Range Rover velar comes with brilliant laser technology to integrate headlights with Range Rover special LED daytime lights. The velar also got a huge stylish mesh grille at front. As I have already mentioned that it is an SUV and it gets a massive 22-inch wheel base.

Range Rover

The velar Range Rover is the best aerodynamic Land Rover ever made. Velar has got a stylish roofline with coupe-like design. The rear end of the roof is slightly lowered and the velar looks like a beast and not to mention powerful too. Range Rover has removed its bad image of worst interior design with the new velar. Range Rover has designed pretty cool interiors which include the dual 10-inch screens.

Range Rover Velar interior

In two screens, one will have the control options over seat heating, climate control and for the first, Range Rover has given control even on the terrain response. The other screen contains navigation, media interface and reversing cameras. The screens are totally touch enabled where there are no signs of any buttons. The passenger seats can be adjustable around 20 different ways.

Range Rover cars

The Range Rover velar comes with 2.0 liter diesel engine which can produce 237bhp. The velar also comes in another variant, a 3.0 liter large diesel engine which can make 296bhp. Coming to the petrol variant, the Range Rover velar has 2.0 liter four cylinder petrol engine and 3.0 liter petrol engine which is supercharged. Range Rover came up with its first ever four cylinder petrol engine. All the petrol and diesel variants are coupled with 8-speed automatic transmission.

Range Rover cars

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Range Rover velar price will hit about Rs 75lakh to 82 lakh in India and will show up in the first half of 2018. This would be a perfect premium SUV car. According to few sources, the velar Range Rover may be showcased in India at auto expo. Customers should book the velar Range Rover well in advance and after booking the car they may get it in couple of days.

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