‘Randamoozham’ to star Mohanlal and Amitabh Bachchan: 600 crore Budget

Mohanlal and Amitabh Bachchan

Are you ready for Malayalam Bahubali? Malayalam is a small industry but after this film it is no more a small industry. Randamoozham will be the Malayalam Bahubali as it is being filmed with a whopping Rs 600 crore which is even more than Bahubali. Bahubali two parts budget was Rs 500 crore and now Randamoozham is all set beat Bahubali.

However Randamoozham project is not that easy because it needs a bigger and creative director like Rajamouli. The film will star two biggest stars in Indian film industry, Mohan Lal and Amitabh Bachchan. Mohan Lal is having popularity in South while Amitabh has popularity in North. Both the stars can together catch the audience of North and South.

According to few sources, the film is a historic film with lot of action. Mohanlal will play the role of Bhima while Amitabh will play the role of Bishma. The film is following Bahubali in all the aspects and just like Bahubali even the Randamoozham will be made in two parts. The makers of the film has already approached Amitabh Bachchan and he agreed to act in the film.

The script work for Randamoozham has been finished and finalized and the makers are getting ready to hit the floors. They have already hired action choreographer Peter Hein who has worked in many historic action films like Magadheera and the latest Bahubali. Randamoozham tends to have huge war sets, chariots and battles just like Bahubali.

The makers have stated that “Randamoozham is completely different from Bahubali. Bahubali is a fantasy film and Randamoozham is a historic film portraying Bhima and Bishma”. However, Mohanlal is quite busy with continuous movie schedule. Randamoozham may hit sets by 2018 and the movie will be filmed in Malayalam and will get dubbed in other languages.

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The budget of the film has shocked everyone and the critics are saying that it is a big risk to spend a lot on veteran actors. More cast and other details are not yet announced, stay tuned to mashables.in to get all the info about Randamoozham.

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