Ramya Divya Spandana is Congress party’s social media in-charge

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Hot actress Ramya aka Divya Spandana has been appointed as in charge of Congress party social media and also for IT wing. BJP is dominating congress party in social media and has positive appearance in social media. Congress is facing less popularity and presence in social media. Since Ramya stays active in social media and she also counters certain issues of BJP in social media.

The hot kannada actress joined Congress party in the year 2012 and also worked as MP for Mandya constituency of Karnatak state. Ramya Divya Spandana is now appointed as social media and IT wing incharge on behalf of Congress party. In the future elections, Congress party is considering social media as its key tool to get closer to people.

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When compared to BJP, Congress party has low number of audience and support in social media. The Congress high commission is now looking forward to improve its social media presence and thinking to appoint actress Ramya to take care of their IT wing.

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Ramya Divya Spandana is having good following in social media and choosing her is the right decision for congress party as she is already having immense craze in social media. While on other hand ramya is acting in films and was busy with some sexy and temperature raising photo shoots. The 34 year old actress has a recognizable name in the entire South regions as she also acted in few Tamil and Telugu films too.

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