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Ramya Divya Spandana hot

Ramya aka Divya Spandana is a famous actress and politician from Karnataka. Ramya Divya spandana was once popular desi heroine in Tamil and Telugu film industries. She acted in more than 40 films in Tamil, Telugu and kannadam as well. Ramya has got a brand of cute girl as she played perfect South girl characters.

Ramya Divya Spandana also acted in few Telugu films too but she did very few films in Telugu while she acted mainly in Tamil and Kannadam movies. In 2013 elections she became MP from Mandya in Karnataka and she belongs to Congress party. Since then she was busy with her political career and recently she was appointed as in charge of Congress party social media and IT wing.

Ramya Divya Spandana navel boobs

Ramya Divya Spandana always stays active in social media and she has many foolowers in social media and this was the main reason for appointing her as in charge of Congress party’s IT wing. The 34 year old actress is still a charming beauty and she can attract huge audience with her mesmerizing acting and hotness. The actress proved that even though she became a politician there was no decrease in her hotness or beauty.

Ramya has redefined cuteness with her charming face and physique. No one believes that this sexy beauty became a politician but she is! Even at the age of 34, actress ramya has got good craze in the people. Here are few rare and unseen images of Ramya Divya Spandana which are too hot to handle. These hot and spicy images of Ramya Divya Spandana will blow off your fuses.

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