Ramdev’s patanjali got slapped with a fine of Rs11 Lakh. Why


The famous Ayurveda retail store tycoon Ramdev’s patanjali has been fined a sum of Rs11 lakh for misbranding and misleading advertisements of some of the patanjali products.

In the year 2012, a case was filed on patanjali products by District food safety department. Some of the products of patanjali failed the tests in laboratory of Rudrapur.

The products like salt, mustard oil, jam and besan have failed the tests and dint passed the food standards.

These products are not manufactured by patanjali, they were produced in some other company and labeled as patanjali products. These misbranding products are advertised as patanjali products and are wrongly advertised.

The four products have violated the rules of section 52 & 53 of Food Security norms and also the regulations of packaging and labeling.

Ramdev Baba founded Patanjali in the year 2006. Since then thousands of retail outlets have been opened nationwide. Ramdev Baba emerged as retail tycoon in the past years. He also entered into the Famous Forbes list.

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