Ram Gopal Varma shocking response for interviewer question

RGV new film
No one in the film industry can surprise like Ram Gopal Varma. RGV has got his own style in shocking everyone with his bold decisions. RGV always entertains his followers with bold and controversy tweets in twitter. However, RGV has chosen a different part from directing films to doing web series and short films. Earlier, Ram Gopal varma made a web series called ‘Guns and Thighs’ based on Mumbai mafia. Now he has made a short film called ‘Meri Beti Sunny Leone banna chahta’. The film is based on pornstar sunny leone and a girl who wants to become a porn star like sunny leone. Regarding this aspect, when the interviewer asked RGV what if your daughter says she wants to become sunny leone? Well, RGV gave a bold and shocking response.

Checkout what RGV said about if his daughter wants to become Sunny leone:

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