Ram Gopal Varma: Pawan kalyan & porn stars; Need 3 women daily

Rgv and pawan twetter war

If anyone asks us who is the most controversial director in India then the first name that comes into our mind is Ram Gopal Varma. RGV doesn’t care what media or public thinks about him and there’s no one that can give crazy and stupidity answers like Ram Gopal Varma.

In the recent interview, Ram Gopal Varma gave some controversial statements starting from watching Bahubali 2 pirated movie to Pawan Kalyan and porn stars. Here is the complete interview of Ram Gopal Varma.

Life Ambition?

I like to do whatever I want.

What do you right after waking up? 

I spend at least one hour on internet. I haven’t read newspaper in past decade or so. I rely on internet for everything. I read about starting from Trump to ISIS, latest technologies in film making to controversial happenings around the world. Lion’s share of this one hour time I spend on watching ‘Porn’.

Why do you watch porn when you can ‘Bed’ any girl you want?

I and my girl watch porn together.

Is it true that you need a new girl everyday?

Actually I need 3 daily.

Have you ever consulted a psychiatrist?

They take my advice to deal with their patients.

Are you a drug addict?

People believe what they want to believe. So, there is no point in answering this question.

How many times have you watched Baahubali 2?

I haven’t yet seen the film completely. I only watched it in parts, that too a pirated print.

How could you praise the film so much without watching it?

Who am i to certify Baahubali 2’s merits. People and industry loved it alike. Hits and blockbusters come and go but the cultural impact created by Baahubali 2 is unrepeatable.

Are you inspired to make a film like Baahubali 2?

I cant’t make a film like that. I don’t have that patience, passion and vision that Rajamouli possesses. I believe no filmmaker can pull off what Rajamouli has done. He is the ‘Messiah of films’.

Who should be credited for the success of Baahubali? Rajamouli or Prabhas?

Without Prabhas Baahubali may not have happened. But, I firmly believe that no one but Rajamouli could have aspired and dared to make a film like that.

Will You Join Jana Sena if Pawan Kalyan invites you?

I like Pawan Kalyan’s personality. In fact, I like him as much as I like Porn Stars. Both look good from distance, I don’t want to lose my love for them by going closer to either.

Why have you made such scathing tweets on Mega family? and why did stopped all of a sudden?

I felt it was all wrong from my side.

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