Balakrishna next movie with Ram Gopal Varma, legendary movie!

Balakrishna movie with Ram Gopal Varma

After losing grip in professional movies, controversial director Ram Gopal Varma settled with some web series and short films. Ram Gopal Varma’s last film was ‘Sarkaar 3’ with Amitabh Bachchan. But now Balakrishna next movie with Ram Gopal Varma┬áis a sensational one. The film is about late Sr NTR biopic and Balakrishna himself will act in sr NTR biopic.

Rama Gopal Varma will direct Sr NTR biopic with Balakrishna and there were reports saying that Balakrishna showed his interest in acting Sr NTR’s biopic. Sr NTR biopic producer will be Harish Induri who organizes SIIMA awards.

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