Rakhi Sawant arrested by Police; Here’s why!

Rakhi Sawant arrested by police

Bollywood bombshell Rakhi Sawant arrested by police. A year ago, Rakhi Sawant has made some objectionable comments on the great writer of Valmiki who wrote Ramayana. Advocate Narinder Aadiya had filed a case on Rakhi Sawant as rakhi Sawant was alleged for hurting the sentiments and feelings of the Valmiki community.

Narinder Aadiya had filed petition back in July 9 last year to make Rakhi Sawant arrested by Police and since then court is issuing warrants for Rakhi Sawant and she has been skipping the court sessions all the time. The local court has issued bail to Rakhi Sawant but the court ordered Rakhi to appear on August 7th but the sources said that Rakhi Sawant is in US.

Rakhi Sawant’s lawyer has urged for extension of date and the local court has once again issued non-bailable warrants against Rakhi Sawant  for the date of September 5. Earlier, a team of Ludhiana police went to arrest Rakhi Sawant following the court orders in April. However, the police came back empty-handed without taking Rakhi Sawant into custody and the reasons were not known yet.

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