Rajamouli Next film with star hero confirmed: Movie details

Mahesh to work with Rajamouli

Rajamouli has written a new chapter in Indian film industry with Bahubali. Rajamouli got national wide fame after doing the magnum opus Bahubali. Now everyone is wondering about Rajamouli next film and here is the good news. Rajamouli next film with star hero confirmed.

Rajamouli next movie

This is a good news for Mahesh babu fans. Yes, rajamouli will work with mahesh babu. Till now we haven’t seen a film in this crazy combo. Rajamouli gave his nod for KL Narayana and the movie will showcase mahesh babu in lead role but before that Rajamouli should give a film for DVV Danaya and the lead role for this film is not confirmed yet!

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