Raj Kiran Controversial comments on Chiranjeevi & Ram Charan: why

Chiranjeevi & Ram Charan unseen pics

Veteran Tamil actor Raj Kiran has criticized Tollywood Megastar Chiranjeevi and his son Ram Charan Tej. Raj Kiran made very hot and bold comments on these two top actors of Telugu film industry and these controversial comments may affect the image of the top actors. All this heat was started two years back as you might probably know that Raj Kiran was selected for the grandfather role in ‘Govindudu Andarivadele’.

Raj Kiran also acted in the role for few days and after filming for few scenes he was been eliminated and replaced with Prakash Raj. Director, Krishna Vamshi has to re-shoot all the scenes which were done on Raj Kiran. However this decision was not made by director but Megastar Chiranjeevi himself.

After filming certain parts, they were shown to chiranjeevi and he told to replace Raj Kiran with Prakash Raj. Raj Kiran has got frustrated and said that ‘I was disrespected pretty badly by both Chiranjeevi and also by his son Ram Charan. When director Krishna Vamsi told me the story of the film, my character was very powerful and has more importance than the hero in first half’.

Raj Kiran Controversial comments on Chiranjeevi & Ram Charan

‘When Chiranjeevi watched few parts of the film, he thought that I dominated Charan and replaced me with Prakash Raj and they have also shortened the grandfather character to improve Charan appearance on the screen. However I was not bothered because I was eliminated but I didn’t get any notice prior regarding the situation. If they have explained me about the reason then it would be better but when I was waiting for my next schedule they have replaced my character’.

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‘This is totally unfair and this is not how an actor gets treated especially from Chiranjeevi. Moreover I haven’t received my remuneration up to Rs 10 lakh’. However Bandla Ganesh has to be blamed because he is the film producer and should have responsibility on monetary and other issues with actor Raj Kiran. The Tamil actor Raj Kiran is now playing a lead role in Dhanush’s new film ‘Pa Paandi’. Dhanush will make his debut as director.

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