He quit alcohol and coffee for 24 months and the results were amazing: See what happened

what happen if you drink beer and coffe regularly

We usually go for a cofee breaks at work hours for relaxtion and for time pass. When people were busy in doing their work they need to chill to get rid of stress. But with this reason as an excuse people consume a lot cofee than they expect or imagine. People generally drink 3-4 cups of cofee per day and sometimes it may also increase to a big number. On the other hand we drink alcohol as usually which is an extra to cut your pockets. But alcohol will slowly reduce your pocket weight and also your lifetime.

So just to try something different a man in German named Tobias van Schneider has made a wise decision to quit Coffee and alcohol. It’s been 24 months since he quit coffee and alcohol and the results were amazing as he shared some of the changes in his blog. van Schneider was working in a company as an head executive and he use to drink coffee with friends at breaks. He has a habit of drinking 5-6 cups of coffee every day. Van Schneider is also addicted with alcohol.

So he decided to say goodbye to his irreplaceable friend’s coffee and alcohol. He stopped drinking coffee and alcohol and at first he faced few difficulties to quit. But slowly he managed to quit coffee and alcohol. During breaks at work hours he dinks water and will chew a chewing gum when his friends were having coffee. Now he was away for coffee and alcohol for 24 months and he says that he almost saves $1000 per month. He himself was shocked with these results.

benfits of quiting alchol and coffe

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He says that people usually say that they drink alcohol for getting sleep and getting rid of stress but they are totally wrong. I found that I was sleeping for more time and getting the relaxation all I needed. I’m also feeling great and more active than before when I was alcoholic. He also stated people will have different friends when they are alcoholic and non-alcoholic. But the only problem van Schneider faced is,  he has to stay away from social gatherings as many of the social gatherings will have an alcohol parties.

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