How to protect smartphones from Ransom ware: Google latest tips

Ransom ware

Ransomware is a critical aspect from many decades but in the current era of advanced technology and software system it has reached peaks. Ransomware has become the major issue and a nightmare for people who use desktops and notebook systems. These systems are being hacked and the hackers are demanding for ransom to make their devices unlocked. Recently WikiLeaks stated that CIA could hack even iOS and Android devices.

This has panicked the smartphone users to a great extent. However desktops and notebook systems stand at front for getting hacked than smartphones but now even the phones are at risk. Google has stated certain safety measures on keeping your android smartphone safe and secure. Google wants to keep its android users safe at any cost. For this, Google has enabled certain protective measures in its new android version 7.0.

How to protect smartphones from Ransom ware

A safety blinder is one of the new security updates in android 7.0 Nougat. As of now certain apps can see what the other active apps in the device and can attack on the other apps. By enabling the safety blinder apps cannot see the other active apps in the device. This way the user can restrict the spamy apps. A new lock screen feature is also implemented in the latest android version.

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Certain hackers may misuse the user permission settings for changing the lock screen PIN. The new update will eliminate the ransomewares from unlocking/ locking your devices. It also protects when you grant certain permissions for the apps in your device even though you don’t want to access the permissions. The new sandboxing application of android lets the apps to work individually which restricts the ransomware in collecting the sensitive information stored by certain apps.

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