Priyanka Chopra deeply affected by Donald Trump’s refugee ban: why and how

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The newly elected United States president Donald Trump’s refugee ban has affected even Priyanka Chopra. After Hollywood stars Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Ashton Kutcher and Arnold Schwarzenegger criticizing Donald Trump, it’s now time for Priyanka Chopra to slam Donald Trump. Priyanka Chopra spoke about Donald Trump’s immigration ban for the first time. The 34-year old actress stated that she has been deeply affected by Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

We all know that Trump has banned refuges and also citizens of seven Muslim Countries. The entire world including the people of United States has opposed this action of Donald Trump. The Baywatch actress, priyanka Chopra is the ambassador of UNICEF wrote in her Linkedin saying that” As a global citizen, Trump’s decision has affected me a lot because the list of banned countries has many poor children. Heavy work is going on in these countries by UNICEF. The children in these countries are suffering a lot for food and education as well. Trump’s decision on immigration ban will affect all of them”.

The Quantico actress also quoted “Frustration, anger and helplessness” on Donald Trump’s immigration ban. Priyanka also gave an open statement for everyone to join hands with her in opposing this ridiculous action taken by President Donald Trump. However the Florida court has put on hold for Trump’s order in banning the citizens of seven Muslim countries. The court stated that anyone can enter United States if they have a valid visa and passport. No one has the right to stop someone even if everything’s right.

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Priyanka Chopra is actively participating in promoting UNICEF worldwide for taking care of poor children worldwide. She entered Hollywood by acting in Quantico and now she casted in a lead role in Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch. Priyanka Chopra also won the people’s choice award in 2016.

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