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Prayaga Martin cute

Prayaga Martin is an Indian actress and mainly appears in Tamil and Malayalam movies. Prayaga Martin made her debut in Tamil film Pisaasu in the year 2014 which is a complete horror film. In her first film itself Prayaga Martin has acted pretty well in the horror movie without any experience prior to the film. Prayaga Martin then acted in her second film Poda Aandavane En Pakkam in the year 2015.

Last year Prayaga Martin acted with dedication as she made the year highlight in her film career. Prayaga Martin has acted in four movies in a row. This is really shocking and acting in four movies in a single year is not an easy task. Prayaga Martin was also nominated for SIIMA awads as best debutant in female. However she has won vanitha award in 2017.

Can you believe that Prayaga Martin is just 21 years old? Yes, shockingly she was born in 1995. At very young age, Prayaga Martin became an actress and earned a good reputation in the starting of her career. The 21 year old actress was born in Kerala and graduated from St. Teresa’s College in Kochi. Prayaga Martin has done many films in Malayalam and a single film in Tamil.

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Prayaga Martin is currently acting in two films: Ramaleela and Vishwasapoorvam Mansoor. While Ramaleela is in post-production work and Vishwasapoorvam Mansoor is still on sets. You will see Prayaga in a complete different role where she is acting as Mumtaz. Prayaga Martin has got a good fame with her beauty and her fans simply love her. She is amazing! Here are few rare and unseen images of Prayaga Martin which are too cute.

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