Why did Prayaga Martin beat makeup man? Reason revealed by Prayaga Martin

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Prayaga Martin has been under pressure and she made the headlines as the actress beaten makeup man. This issue has gone viral in social media and in press. Earlier there were many reports that Prayaga Martin had beaten makeup boy and forced the makeup boy to apologize her in front of everyone. This incident took place in the sets of Vishwasapoorvam Manzoor, in a chat with Onmanorama.

Prayaga Martin stated that all the rumors which came against her are misleading and they were done just to divert the issue and cancel her complaint. Why did Prayaga Martin hit makeup man? This has gone viral in the social media and to clear the entire buzz, Prayaga Martin responded on the issue for the first time after the incident took place.

Prayaga Martin said that “I had shooting at early morning and I have reached the sets by 4:30 am. I was playing the role of Mumtaz which is a realistic character and I didn’t need any makeup for the role. In case if there is any need then I can do it by myself or any other team member would have done it. Director asked me to get a dull face to suit up more for the character and then came the makeup boy and he was doing makeup as suggested by the director, PT sir”.

“All of sudden, the makeup boy started to taunt when I sat just before him. I was upset but I have not responded at that time and the shooting was completed by 7 am. Later I informed my parents about the issue and my mother told that I must have reacted at that particular time before telling my parents. My mother has taken me to the makeup man and asked him for the explanation and what is he up to”.

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“The makeup boy told my mother to go and complaint to director in case if she had any complaints. He abused my mother at that moment and I have lost my patience. I warned him by showing my finger and that made him more anger. He said ‘Prayaga, you are just a woman,’ with a dirty and irritating look”.

“When I said that ‘yes, I’m a woman!’ and he started to wrung my arm and when I resisted he started beating me on my other arm. He tried to assault even more but two people who were present at that time stopped him. Still I didn’t react at that point as the director and movie artists supported me and gave their assurance. The makeup boy then apologized to me in front of everyone”.

“The makeup man and his friends started certain gossips and rumors that I have beaten the makeup boy. The weird thing is that the art director of the movie who is not even present when the issue took place has posted on social media saying that I have beaten the makeup man. I then approached the director and said him that I would lodge two complaints. One is one makeup man who assaulted me and also on the person who made false statements on me in social media.”

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