Prabhas rejects 18 crore worth project, Why?

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Bahubali star hero Prabhas is now a national star and the entire nation can recognize him. Before bahubali, Prabhas image was restricted to just Telugu people but now he has broken all the boundaries and has gained national wide popularity. Not only with bahubali but also with endorsements Prabhas proved that he is a national star.

There are very few heroes in the Indian film industry whose advertisements will be dubbed and uses in across the country. Prabhas did the same with Mahindra automobiles and the advertisement is telecasted across the country. Normally certain brands use local star for each region but when it comes to national hero, their advertisements will be seen in all over the country.

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After Bahubali humungous success, Prabhas has got massive fame and many top brands have queued up for Prabhas. Recently Prabhas has got a huge offer from a top brand but to everyone’s surprise Prabhas declined the offer. This has shocked everyone, a close acquaintance of prabhas stated.

The Bahubali of box office and the national star hero Prabhas has now declined few endorsements of worth whopping Rs 18 crore. When Prabhas was acting in Bahubali: The Beginning, he acted in Mahindra advertisement and his fans loved the endorsement.

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Recently While Prabhas was in shooting of Bahubali: The Conclusion, he was approached for endorsing a top brand and they offered around Rs 10 crore but the rebel star declined that too. Prabhas is now spending his holidays in United States for a relief and he will come in front of camera again in July for Saaho which is a big film too for Prabhas after Bahubali.

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