Potatoes can be grown on Mars; study reveals chances for cultivation on Mars

potatoes farming

Well the scientists are improving their results of living conditions on Mars and they are finding more similar conditions of Earth and the red planet, Mars. Earlier scientists have revealed that there were active Volcanoes on Mars and it has suitable living conditions just like Earth. However more research is being done on the red planet for human life. Recently the researchers have come to know that we can grow potatoes on Mars and this is the first time ever that scientists have found more answers on cultivations on the red planet.

The team of International Potato research center (CIP) in South America found that potatoes can be grown in the extreme climatic conditions. The University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) researchers of Peru have developed a special lab with Mars atmosphere and tried to grow potatoes. They have started this mission in the year 2016 and after various detailed studies they found that it is possible to grow potatoes on Mars.

Farming on mars

The scientists have exposed the crops to extreme climatic conditions and they have found that If the crops can survive the typical climatic conditions in the CubeSat, the lab with extreme climates then chances are they can raise good crops. One of the researchers Valdiva Silva stated that “we have to know more about the suitable climatic conditions to grow potatoes and we need to do more detailed study on required temperature to grow potatoes”.


The CubeSat is an extreme facility to carry certain experiments by implementing Mars climatic conditions. CubeSat contains soil and tuber in which crops can be grown and has similar Mars temperature, oxygen and air pressures. The researchers have stated that in future Mars missions, potatoes can be cultivated even in Mars but it needs loose soil structure. These experiments also helps people who are living in extreme climatic conditions on earth as the scientists have discovered an easy and best way to grow potatoes even at the extreme climatic conditions.

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Scientists are going forward in everyday of exploring Mars living conditions and are finding better and good results. In future you may get shocked by witnessing the changes in the human history and we may also experience a new Earth-like planet. The researchers have already found certain living conditions on Mars and they have also found traces of water and volcanoes on the red planet, Mars.

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