Portronics digital pen Electropen-4 at Rs 6999

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Portonics has released a new digital pen in the market called ‘Electropen-4’. The Electropen-4 comes with Li-polymer rechargeable battery which weighs around 46.5 grams and is available exclusively in black color variant. With Electropen-4 you can write on any paper normally as it has a ball point pen refill. Portonics, the company which made the Electropen-4 stated that this digital pen has many uses.

Electropen-4 will help to write for any high quality digital and wireless writing for smartphones, computer, tablets or any Bluetooth enabled device. You can store 100s of A4 size papers content in the pen. You can also transfer the data to any smartphone or to system. This helps us to store or transfer data easily.

People who write content more often can now easily transfer the data which they have written on a paper to smartphone or for any other digital device. You can write anything or even draw with Electropen-4 and later it just syncs all that data to smartphone, notebook or any tablet. The Electropen-4 supports Bluetooth 4.1 and can be connected to laptops or with smartphones via USB cable.

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You can also record audio voice while you write any content with this smart digital pen. Electropen-4 uses the microphone of smartphone or the laptop with the help of an app. Yiou can get ‘Memos plus’ app from the playstore for smartphones. To use via laptops or windows desktops then you can get ‘Note Taker’. This magnificient Electropen-4 is priced at Rs 6999.

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