Poonam kaur bold comments on Pawan Kalyan!

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Pawan Kalyan has immense fan following in Telugu states and his craze is unimaginable. Pawan Kalyan has got good great number of die-hard fans and this is not because of his acting in on-screen but people also love his off-screen heroism and nature. Pawan Kalyan has great heart and kind nature. Poonam kaur bold comments on Pawan Kalyan in a recent interview will shock you.

Well, there is nothing about Poonam kaur comments about Pawan kalyan. All she wanted is to get a husband like Pawan Kalyan who has kind heart and honest in nature. Sad for Poonam Kaur as there is no second Pawan Kalyan. Hope she finds the person with the qualities of Pawan Kalyan.

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