Petrol pumps new rules, hard times for people

petrol pump new rules

Thinking to fill up your vehicles on Sundays? If yes, then you better change your plans and get your vehicles fueled before Sunday itself. Petrol pumps will remain close on every Sunday in almost eight states and more states will soon join them. Petroleum Corporation has issued new orders to all the petrol pumps in the state. You cannot even fill your vehicles with petrol or diesel after 6PM.

This is really nightmare to people who travel on their personal vehicles every day. From May 14th you can’t get your vehicles fueled on Sundays and also after 6PM in the evening. The petrol pumps working hours have been changed to only day shifts. i.e., petrol pumps will stay open from morning 9am to evening 6pm.

The petroleum association has taken this decision to protest against government to increase the margin for dealers. Petrol pump dealers are getting less margin and they have already urged government to increase the margins. But unfortunately government has not agreed for their demands.

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To protest against government decision on not hiking the margins for petrol dealers, the association took this decision. Already few new changes have started in few states, daily revision of petroleum prices. This is the first time ever to change price of fuel on a daily basis. So if you are planning to out on Sundays or on evenings on any weekdays, then you better get your vehicles fueled before itself.

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