Petrol & Diesel pumps to stay closed on Sundays: List of areas

petrol pump new rules

If you want to go out on a Sunday then you better fill up your fuel tank a day before itself. Because you can’t get petrol or diesel on Sundays from May 14th. The government has announced that all the petrol pumps will remain closed on every Sunday. This decision was taken to conserve fuel and to protect environment.

A list of states comes under this new rule and after few weeks all the states have to follow the same rule in phases. Telugu states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were also included in the list. Along with AP and Telangana all other South Indian states are about to follow the new rule.

Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Puducherry and Haryana states will shut down all the petrol stations for complete 24 hours on Sundays. The association president Suresh Kumar said that they would inform all the petrol stations to shut down the pumps on Sundays. This also helps to improve the public transport on Sundays.

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Along with petrol stations even the oil companies should also follow the same rule. It’s No petrol on Sunday! This is the first time ever to happen in India and this is a bold move from the government. However this will help to conserve fuel and protect environment. Closing petrol pumps on a single day may not affect much but it will at least impact a little.

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