A petition was filed against PM Narendra Modi in Supreme Court


It seems like the prime Minister of India is in trouble. A petiton on Narendra Modi was to be filed in supreme court by common cause organization. There are romours on Narendra Modi that he accepted illegal funds from Sahara and Birla companies when Modi was chief minister of Gujarath.  The comon cause filed a petition in supreme court as in the recent search in the Sahara and Birla companies, some documents and E-mails have been found that they have given money to PM Narendra Modi.

However the supreme court has cancelled the petition on PM Narendra Modi as those evidences are not enough to proceed the petition against PM of India. With these small evidences the court can not proceed to codemn the big hotshots in the country. It leads to many problems in the country by taking actions without any powerful evidences.

The IT department also stated that we cant take actions with these evidences as they are not enough to take action. Some people who oppose certain persons can also create this kind of false evidences to portrait someone they don’t like. Hence the petition on PM Narendra Modi has been cancelled by supreme court. Actions on bigshots in the society can be taken only with strong evidences otherwise the court cannot take any kind of actions on them.

But the common cause organization is still opposing the supreme court’s decision of cancelling the petition against PM Narendra Modi. Common cause is strongly stating that PM Modi has accepted money from Sahara and Birla when he was chief minister of Gujarath. But there are no strong evidences to prove this except some documents and E-mails which are not enough to take action against PM of India.

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