Pepsi and Coco Cola to be banned in Tamil Nadu: promote home-grown companies

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Tamil Nadu has become the first Indian state to ban the Pepsi and Coca Cola brands. Tamil Nadu will go on with the Swadeshi brands after banning the International brands like Pepsi and Coca Cola. The traders in the Tamil Nadu state have stated that the youth are not in favor of Pepsi and Coca Cola. The Tamil Nadu Traders Federation (TNTF) leaders are suggesting the shop keepers to sell home based products like Torino, Bovonto and Kali Mark.

These brands are exclusively made in Tamil Nadu and will be an alternative for the top 2 brands. Torina is carrying the business in Southern states while Bovonto is available only in Tamil Nadu state. The trader associations in Tamil Nadu will force around 20-25 lakh shops in the state to ban Pepsi and Coca Cola products and instead sell home brands. However it depends on the shopkeepers will and not all may agree with the aspect.

Pepsi and Coco Cola to be banned in Tamil Nadu

However the supermarkets and malls in Tamil Nadu may still continue selling the products of Pepsi and Coco cola. The president of the association, Vikramaraja stated that “we are not banning these products because they belong to MNC’s but these products are harmful to health and it does more bad to health than good. He also stated that protest may soon hit other cities too”.

Meanwhile the Indian Beverages Association (IBA) secretary showed concern on the issue and commented that he is deeply disappointed. Verma stated that “the two companies, Pepsi and Coco cola have contributed a lot in the growth of Indian economy as these companies have provided employment over 350,000 people and improved the state of more than 500,000 farmers. Around four million retailers across the country are doing business depending on these two brands.

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So do you support the protest over the two brands? What happens if these two brands were banned completely? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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