Paytm founder and CEO crossed limits at a party: A complete arrogance speech, watch video here

Paytm founder and CEO

Paytm is one of the top companies in the country and sold its majority shares to Alibaba, a Chinese company. The CEO and founder of Paytm Vijay Shekhar sharma has recently arranged for a party for the paytm employees. But at the event the CEO, vijay shekhar sharma has crossed his limits in his speech. He has gone way too far with his vulgar words. This video is now viral in the social media and many people are commenting on his words.

According to few people, a person who is in a big position in a company should not speak that way as they are not inspirational at all. Paytm CEO vijay shekhar sharma arranged this party as a success meet of paytm in the presence of paytm employees. He started the speech with the success and journey of paytm but soon it turned into a controversial speech as he disgraced other brands in a foul language. He was over enthusiastic at the party.

Vijay shekhar sharma has taken a step ahead and insulted the companies and the people in the country. He concluded the speech with “Humne phod diya”! This may lead to many controversial issues as already people in social media are firing against vijay shekhar sharma the CEO and foundr of Paytm. Just days before this incident Vijay shekhar sharma have given a descent and inspirational interview. But he failed to maintain the same decency and respect towards him.

Paytm is a billion dollar company and vijay shekhar sharma’s net worth is more than Rs 4000 crore. Paytm was first started with only 2 people but now paytm has more than 5000 employees. Paytm was first a mobile recharge app and then later it expanded its services. After demonetization paytm users have increased rapidly like never before and transactions can also be done through paytm.

Watch the complete video of Vijay shekhar sharma, CEO & Founder of Paytm:


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