Pawan Kalyan – Trivikram new film budget Rs 100 crore

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Pawan kalyan and Trivikram are working together for third time and there were massive expectations on PSPK25. The landmark film of Pawan Kalyan is going to be made with a budget of Rs 100 crore for costly VFX and sets. After Bahubali, Rs 100 crore budget films got quite common in Telugu film industry. Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film SPYder budget is racked to Rs 130 crore.

Megastar’s 151 film Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy budget is also boosted to Rs100 crore and it may even increase further. Even the upcoming film of Allu Arjun’s DJ is also made with Rs 70 crore. Radha Krishna is producing the film for Pawan Kalyan and he is not compromising on any aspect and he is just a second away to provide what director Trivikram asks for.

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Recently a 1.5 crore huge terrace set was built in Ramoji film city to bring the look of a Dubai building. There were few other sets for costly offices and buildings as the story is based on posh background. VFX quality will be of new range. The visual effects team members who worked for movie 24 have been roped in and cinematographer Manikandan is taking care of camera work.

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In terms of VFX, PSPK 25 will be head to head with Bahubali. Anu Emmanuel is playing the female lead role in the film. The two films which came in Pawan-trivikram combination were successful at box-office and Pawan Kalyan fans are expecting for a hat-trick from this combo.

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