Venu Madhav controversial comments on Roja

Venu Madhav controversial comments on Roja

Nandyala elections have just got more heat with cine glamour. YCP MLA Roja has started firing on TDP right from the beginning. Roja has criticized TDP leaders and she also commented on Balakrishna and pointed out his controversial comments on women few years back. Now TDP has brought up Venu Madhav into picture.

Venu Madhav is promoting TDP party and Venu Madhav controversial comments on Roja is now hot topic. Venu Madhav said that he doesn’t know who is Roja. Venu Madhav is supporting TDP candidate Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy. Venu Madhav also remebered his olden days when he finished his graduation and worked under Sr NTR and also in TDP office.

Venu Madhav also said that he is having good relationship with Nandamuri family and even Bhuma family members. He said that TDP will win with good majority in nandyala elections. When interviewer asked about Roja, venu Madhav said “Sorry, I don’t know who is she”. However, YCP members have not yet commented on Venu Madhav controversial comments on Roja.

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