Pawan Kalyan Shocking decision on Nandyala elections

Pawan Kalyan Shocking decision on Nandyala elections

Nandyala elections has become hot topic in Andhra Pradesh as both ruling party and opposition party are struggling hard to gain leadership in Nandyala elections. Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is looking to prove its dominance while Jagan’s YSRCP is trying to get back into fight and are constantly trying to prove that TDP has no chance.

Another hot topic in Nandyala elections is Pawan Kalyan’s support. There are many rumors that Pawan kalyan will support a specific party in Nandyala elections. But Pawan Kalyan Shocking decision on Nandyala elections have kept an end to all the rumors. Pawan kalyan announced that his party Jana Sena will not support any political party in Nandyala elections.

Jana Sena leader, Pawan Kalyan decided to stay neutral in Nandyala elections. Jana Sena will neither support nor participate in Nandyala elections. Pawan kalyan also announced that till 2019 general elections, Jana Sena will not compete in any sort of elections. He also said that the party is not ready yet for elections as there are many ground works in pending.

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