Pawan Kalyan love for Anu Emmanuel, sends Mangoes

Pawan kalyan mangoes

Pawan Kalyan! This one name is enough to shakeout any live event. No matter who is on the stage, if the audience hears their dream hero’s name then they would go crazy. That was the craze and chrasima of Power Star pawan Kalyan. The Tollywood’s star hero with mass fan following in both the Telugu States has got his own brand image. Pawan Kalyan who once had the Mega Family badge is now a star by himself.

Pawan kalyan has a kind heart and with his helping nature he gained a massive fan base in no time. This human touch and good heart of Pawan Kalyan made him a star not only in Reel life and also in Real life too. When he is not doing any shootings for the films he will keep himself busy in his farm in the city outskirts.

Mangoes from pawan kalyan

Pawan Kalyan has got his own farm and he grows various crops in an organic way. He has an interesting habbit of gifting the mangoes from his farm to someone who he loves most. In every summer, a special person receives natural mangoes from Power star. Fans always wait enthusiastically to know who received the mangoes from Pawan Kalyan.

Well this time its non-other than Anu Emmanuel who received mangoes from Pawan Kalyan. Anu Emmanuel who earlier acted in films like ‘Majnu’ and ‘Kittugadu unnadu jagratha’ is now pairing with Pawan Kalyan for his upcoming movie. Anu also received appams along with mangoes as she expressed her love on appams once with pawan Kalyan.

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Anu Emmanuel was shocked when she came to know that Power star Pawan Kalyan has sent mangoes for her. However this incident once again proved the kind heart of Pawan Kalyan. Earlier Nithin, Trivikram and few other people received mangoes from Pawan kalyan.

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